Get MUUTO’s E27 in Thessaloniki – Pendant Lamp by Mattias Ståhlbom


MATTIAS STÅHLBOM ON THE DESIGN “The simplicity of the naked bulb is hard to
compete with. It stands for something that feels romantic and contemporary at the same
time. E 27 departs from the essence of a lamp – the socket – creating a simple yet strong
object that celebrates the potential beauty in simplicity.”

Mattias Ståhlbom is an internationally successful architect and partner at the Stockholmbased architecture and design studio TAF. TAF’s aim is to make ordinary life less ordinary through subtle but effective changes in how products and architecture appear and function.
Mattias Ståhlbom’s products have been exhibited at prestigious venues such as MOMA NY
and the Swedish National Museum in Stockholm.

Now on stock @ Thessaloniki’s Design Spot.

  1. Nina said:

    αυτή η muuto θα μας τρελάνει με το σχεδιασμό και τα χρώματα! τα είδα και στο κατάστημα. Super!

  2. Please can you tell me how much it would cost for you to send me 3 of these items in white to New Zealand


    • Dear Bridget,

      The cost for 3 lamps is 177 Euro. The cost for the shipment varies. If you want we can give you a quote by sending us your full address.

      Best regards

      Tommy Papaioannou

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