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HIDEAWAY by Mika Tolvanen is equally suited for your trash or laundry and combines a streamlined exterior with several practical functions; when the basket is closed, the bag is hidden within while the precisely fitted lid creates a seamless and smooth look. When the basket is open, the lid conveniently hangs off the side of the bin.

MINI STACKED is the latest addition to the Stacked shelving system by JDS Architects. The new smaller modules are great for your kitchen, office, children’s room or anywhere else where you need a flexible and beautiful storage solution. Mini Stacked can be hung on your wall or be placed upon each other on the floor, adding even more options and freedom to the Stacked system.


Nils Holger Moormann – Else by Urban Schnieber

Side panels and shelves – nothing Else. There is no need for screws, brackets or props. The setting of the drawer height can be selected at will, the side panels can lean to either side. Creating a new shelf time and time again. Available in red, white and black birch plywood.


NILS HOLGER MOORMANN – K1 by Neuland Industriedesign

K1 – 2199 mm high, 4 precipitous walls. In the centre an abundance of storage space and the breadth can be extended to infinity. The shelving system can be assembled with narrow and broad segments. The striking, horizontal slits are part of the construction.


CERRUTI BALERI – Tok by Benedetto Quaquaro

Lightness, elegance, sobriety, usefulness, versatility are the key words behind the development of Tok. The entire system – based on the combination of a modular vertical element made of extruded aluminium and horizontal wooden shelves of five different lengths – allows to create simple and articulate compositions, symmetrical and asymmetrical. The vertical element is also the aesthetic signature of Tok:
it is clean but carefully sculpted and it complements a purposefully essential system
with an extremely original and recognizable element. The speed and ease of assembly are
truly amazing: the system is based on an extremely small number of components which keep the vertical elements independent one from the other, thus allowing Tok to be built in a modular fashion, without the need for supporting frames or full-length connectors.
This in turn generates an incredible versatility of application: from small vertical column-like compositions to large full-wall bookcases,
from low bench-like designs to full-height free-standing compositions.

CERRUTI BALERI in Thessaloniki

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