Moormann catalogue wins “D&AD Yellow”.



Golden yellow

citrus yellow, honey yellow, sunny yellow, saffron yellow, sulfur yellow, bright yellow…But most of all we are very happy about “D&AD Yellow”. Strictly speaking about the very rare design award “Yellow Pencil”, which has been bestowed to our Moormann brochure 2010!



Moormann brochure 2010
‘Moormann in simple terms’

The 2010 Moormann brochure portrays „Moormann in simple terms“.
The furniture from Moormann is presented with hard facts and insights and perspectives that remain true to scale. The little book reflects the loving detail invested in the furniture, from typewritten text to the frequent punched holes in the pages.

format: approx. DIN A6
128 g

| Joseph Binder Award 2010 in Gold
| iF communication design award 2010
| Good Design Award 2010
| The Type Directors Club 57
| red dot award: communication award 2010
| ED Awards 2011 in Gold
| ADC Wettbewerb 2011, Auszeichnung
| D&AD Yellow Pencil Winner 2011


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