CERRUTI BALERI – Tok by Benedetto Quaquaro

CERRUTI BALERI – Tok by Benedetto Quaquaro

Lightness, elegance, sobriety, usefulness, versatility are the key words behind the development of Tok. The entire system – based on the combination of a modular vertical element made of extruded aluminium and horizontal wooden shelves of five different lengths – allows to create simple and articulate compositions, symmetrical and asymmetrical. The vertical element is also the aesthetic signature of Tok:
it is clean but carefully sculpted and it complements a purposefully essential system
with an extremely original and recognizable element. The speed and ease of assembly are
truly amazing: the system is based on an extremely small number of components which keep the vertical elements independent one from the other, thus allowing Tok to be built in a modular fashion, without the need for supporting frames or full-length connectors.
This in turn generates an incredible versatility of application: from small vertical column-like compositions to large full-wall bookcases,
from low bench-like designs to full-height free-standing compositions.


CERRUTI BALERI in Thessaloniki


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