SWEDESE news part 1 – Lime tables by Lime studio

SWEDESE – Lime tables by Lime studio

a series of coffe tables by the new dynamic studio Lime.

Often strong colours, always distinct shapes. Spanish Lime Studio’s idea is to create simple, elegant and innovative solutions, using their personal and original ideas about design. Like the table Lime for Swedese – black and white, shaped as either a wedge, a triangle or – less surprising – a rectangle. One piece is a beautiful table – two or more create an installation.

Lime Studio was established by Panos Vasiliou and Oscar Tange when they were studying in the UK. Since graduating in 2007 their designs have captured the attention of the international press, which led them to a commission to design the central bar at 100% Design London 2008. Also that year Lime Studio was shortlisted as The Best British Brand by Elle Decoration Awards.

In 2009 Panos Vasiliou and Oscar Tange moved the company to Barcelona, the energetic and exciting “design capital” of Spain. Lime Studio has exhibited in London, Tokyo and Milan and their designs have attracted a good deal of attention in numerous design competitions.




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